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Electrifying ideas – bringing your Social Media, Marketing, Advertising to life!

Live Wire Media brings together a talented team of experienced Social Media and Marketing professionals, combining our strengths to create a uniquely multi-faceted service. We’re much more than your average marketing company – having worked independently for decades within well-known national and international media houses, we are ideally placed to offer insights, ideas, and invaluable advice on all marketing mediums, from print through to online marketing and social media. We understand the power of branding, but we also know the pitfalls of spending that marketing budget in the wrong areas. You will find our advice to be both balanced and down-to-earth: while our unique industry knowledge will give you the head start you need to get noticed.

Collaborative marketing, independent advice

We’re proud to be independent of any large marketing influencers, giving us the ability to select the right course for each of our clients based on their target markets and niche requirements. We favour the collaborative approach, working in close partnership with our clients and shifting course reactively as the market requires. Being a smaller, more personable marketing agency gives us flexibility: we grasp opportunities as they arise, giving our clients a creative edge over their competition.

Looking for a creative media team who have the experience, the expertise, and the latest online marketing strategies?

Spark it up

Business marketing with Live Wire Media

The creative department at Live Wire Media live and breathe business marketing – from social media to targeted print advertising and reputation management, we’re your multi-channel, mixed-media, full-production marketing team, and we’re here to light your business up!

Social media management & online reputation monitoring

Maintaining your brand integrity online is a cornerstone of successful business today. There is no denying the importance of sustaining an online presence. We monitor online reviews to enhance your social credibility; and we manage social media for brands across New Zealand. Streamline your social media with a selection of options, including fully managed, partial management and our easy-to-use platform-based self-managed option. Bring the ‘social’ back to your media campaigns with a little help from the Live Wire business marketing team.

The Live Wire social media platform: we make it easy to get social!

Not a fan of social media? We understand. Who has time to chat online when you’re trying to run a business? Unfortunately, if your business is not active online, it will reflect negatively on your brand credibility. Your customers are online, and they want to see how engaged you are: with them, with your industry, and with your products. Our easy-to-use social media platform, designed to streamline your social media campaigns while making your social media presence as trouble-free as possible.

Z-CARD® PocketMedia® Solutions 

Live Wire Media are the proud exclusive NZ distributors for Z-CARD® PocketMedia®, giving us the ability to create successful multi-channel campaigns that deliver your message directly into your clients’ pockets. Stand out in your field with marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to turn heads and capture attention: Z-CARD® PocketMedia® Solutions will take your message to the next level.

How can we help?

We offer a full range of marketing and media services, including:

  • Social media management
  • Advertising & media planning
  • Media buying
  • Media & marketing strategy and implementation
  • Marketing support
  • Concept planning
  • Photography
  • Z-CARD® PocketMedia® Solutions

We also offer fully customised media management packages, working with your budget and timeframe to achieve the best possible branding exposure for your business, service or product.

Live Wire Media: Get More Fans, Followers And Customers!  

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