NZ Chambers of Commerce Northland

Who Are We?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Northland (Inc) is a non-political, non-profit organisation which represents the full spectrum of business interests, both small and large, in Northland – retailing, service, manufacturing exporters, importers and other organisations.

Formed in 1902, the Chamber is one of 20,000 Chambers worldwide, and 29 in New Zealand.

The Chamber is governed by an elected President and Board of Directors, supported by skilled and professional staff.

Northland Chamber History

Since 1902, the Northland Chamber of Commerce has served the needs of the Northland business community through its public policy and advocacy initiatives and its business development programmess and services.

No matter what your vision is for your business’ future, the Chamber is prepared to help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. The Chamber’s wide range of programmes and services will help you attract new customers, expand your business base, reduce your costs of doing business and assist with networks and referrals that will further your business goals.

The Chamber also works to ensure that Northland has a business-friendly environment, where all businesses can grow and prosper. With this, comes paying close attention to the quality of life the region offers our members’ employees and families. The Chamber works to make a difference in Northland’s future and to help Chamber members’ businesses grow.


Our mission is to inspire and influence business vitality.

We do this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operate and by providing “opportunities, products and services” that will improve the success and vitality of business.

Mission Objective

NZ Chambers of Commerce Northland will contribute to the continuous progress and success of its members by:

  1. Assisting members to achieve maximum success, and;
  2. Encouraging and assisting members to measurably and continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness to produce long-term profit and positive societal consequences as measured by internationally recognised performance indicators.


NZ Chambers of Commerce Northland is a voluntary association of companies and individuals engaged in business activities in the Northland region.

It is dedicated to the development of international, national and regional trade through:

  1. Freedom of enterprise for those who by their individual and corporate talents contribute real economic, social and cultural wealth to the community.
  2. The development of a market economy in which there is minimal interference from central and local government.
  3. The strengthening of Northland’s place as New Zealand’s commercial, industrial and communications centre, offering an exceptional quality of life.
  4. Assisting the development of the region as a desirable commercial and industrial environment for its citizens.


To access Northland Chamber of Commerce Constitution click link – Constitution updated signed version 22.8.12

Strategic Plan

To access the Chamber Strategic Plan click link – Strategic Outline doc 03022022

Role of a NorthChamber Board member

Skills, knowledge and experience required for the role of “Board Member”

  • Sound knowledge of governance principals essential
  • Proven business acumen essential
  • Knowledge of the Northland region, it’s cultural diversity and an understanding of the issues facing Northland business essential
  • Good networking skills and business connections essential
  • Experience in strategic planning and business management essential
  • A track record of success in a relevant area essential

Personal attributes required for the role of Board Member

  • A passion and commitment to the Northland region
  • Ability to work as part of a team and contribute to the team
  • Ability to ensure that the required time is available to effectively carry out the role of Board Member
  • Sound judgement and common sense

General Information

  • The Northland Chamber of Commerce Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Board members plus the Chair of the Retail Sub-committee.  These positions are on a volunteer basis, and available for re-election each year at the AGM.
  • The Board meets monthly for a maximum of two hours.
  • In addition, Board members may serve on one or more policy committees, which meet on an as-and-when required basis, except for the Finance Committee which meets monthly, one week prior to the Board meeting.
  • Board Members must be able to represent the best interests of the whole of the region and its peoples and reside in Northland.
  • More information on the Chamber is available on or by phoning Steve Smith, CE on 027 444 1010.

The Chamber Board and Staff

The Chamber is run by skilled and professional staff, supported and governed by an elected President and Board of Directors.

From left Janette Dobbs (Office Manager/EA), Rebecca Varley (Sales Manager), Stephen Smith (CE), Paulette Scrooby (Community Engagement Manager) & Niamh O’Neill (Assistant Office Manager)
Also we have a new team member Fiona Cox (Membership & Community Engagement Co-ordinator)

Photo supplied by Dawn Dutton Photography

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Chamber Board Company Position
Tim Robinson Bernina Northland President
Jeremy Tauri Plus Chartered Accountants Immediate Past President
Sue Walters Northland Scaffolding Board of Directors and Vice President
Danny Douglas Gilmore Taylor Associates Limited Treasurer
Murray Broadbelt Employer Services Limited Board of Directors
Tony Savage Savage Law Board of Directors
Natalie Blandford Project Apōpō Board of directors
Janine Abernethy Marsden Metals Group Ltd Board of directors
Darrell Trigg Trigg Construction Ltd Board of directors

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Current membership fees are: (INCLUDING GST)

Business Start-Up (trading less than a year) $162.15
65+ – Retired individual membership (non-voting rights)  $59.80
Not for Profit $220.80
1 – 3 Employees $220.80
4 – 6 Employees $334.65
7 – 9 Employees $461.15
10 – 50 Employees $663.55
51+ Employees $936.10

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