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The Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards provides an opportunity to celebrate business excellence and the role business plays in our community.  Through business, countless individuals can apply their talents to achieve their own aspirations and provide service for others.  If we can celebrate and respect these people, and foster a better understanding of the contribution business makes to the wider community, then this will go a long way to inspiring more young people pursue their own aspirations.


Entries for the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards close in mid August and Northland businesses can now register their expressions of interest to be part of this event.  The Awards are open to all Northland businesses and are free to enter.  Unlike in the marketplace, in the awards businesses are not so much competing against other entrants but against a set of performance indicators.  An entrant’s performance will be rigorously tested against a number of key criteria and that business’s vision and strategic plan.  Success cannot be measured without a business first having set clear goals.  In many cases these are closely aligned to the personal aspirations of the people and families who own these businesses.


Entrants in the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards are categorised based on their number of fulltime employees as we believe businesses of similar scale should be doing similar things no matter the nature of their products or services.  As well as being considered for the category based on their size, businesses will also be eligible for the More FM customer Choice Award, the ACC Health and Safety in the Workplace, the NRC Sustainable Business Award and the Top Energy Not for Profit Organisation Award.


We believe there is no wrong time to enter the awards as businesses are or should be constantly examining how they operate, monitor their results and modify their behaviour accordingly.  Many entrants comment that they are initially quite daunted by the process when they first read the entry form but soon realise that much of what it contains is things that they do and can be easily answered.  We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for entrants through individual support and group workshops.  If anyone wishes to know more about the awards or the changes we are making this year please feel free to contact our office at or visit the Awards website




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