Could a tertiary education centre be a game-changer for our CBD?

Our city has been in the headlines a lot since the start of 2020 and with the increased investment and general speculation around developing the North, it’s time we started to really think about Northlands next generation of leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs. For me, the proposal to establish a tertiary education facility in the CBD could really be a game-changer for our city and region and the opportunities are vast. We can retain our young people and hopefully attract students from elsewhere around NZ, potentially develop intellectual property that can be seeded back into our own economy here in Northland. Our CBD would receive a much-needed boost of foot traffic and increased spending power and a more diverse demographic of people in our CBD would have a wholly positive effect. Retail and hospitality would flourish and the development of short and long term accommodation options could really kick start our city core. Personally, this has always been a fantastic proposition for the city but recent positive economic indicators have pushed this option ahead and we now have several expert individuals on board to assist with this project. I look forward to sharing updates on this project over the coming months.

Stephen Smith, NorthChamber CEO

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