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90-minute in-person presentations with EMA’s Head of Advocacy and Strategy, Alan McDonald, and EMA’s in-house legal team. discussing the latest legislative and employment relations changes affecting your business.



The EMA guide to public holidays.

The EMA has a library of more than 250 resources for businesses and NorthChamber members now have access. This includes complimentary ER, HR and People Experience guides on everything from talent acquisition to abandonment of employment and workstation set up, to preferred pricing on legal products such as fixed term employment agreements. Please find a copy of the EMA’s guide to public holidays here.



The EMA 2022 Learning Directory

With both in-person and eLearning options the EMA specialises in Leadership, Employment Relations, Health, Safety and Wellbeing training. NorthChamber members now have preferred pricing on all EMA Learning courses. Download the full EMA 2022 Learning Directory Here

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