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As a manager or business owner you will inevitably face staff issues at some stage in your
career – be it recruitment, induction, disciplinary, performance improvement, or another staff
related issue. Getting it wrong can have a huge impact on your business.
Whether you employ one person or 100, the same law applies.
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EMPLOYMENT – Minimum Employment Rights

Minimum employment rights include:-

  • Four weeks’ paid annual holidays at the end of each year of employment.
  • One 10-minute paid rest break for every four hours worked plus one unpaid 30-minute meal break when working more than four hours.
  • A signed employment agreement.
  • Employees aged 16 years and over must be paid at least the adult minimum wage rate.

Employers must:-

  • Keep an accurate record of an employee’s time worked, payments, and holiday and Leave entitlements
  • Keep a signed copy of the employment agreement
  • Pay employees their daily pay or average daily pay (if applicable) for public holidays
  • Ensure that the person they’re employing has the legal right to work in NZ

Getting help
More information about minimum employment rights is available on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE’s) labour website: www.dol.govt.nz/er/minimumrights
Or you can call the MBIE contact centre on 0800 20 90 20.


We have found that many of our members believe creating an employment contract is a complex and time consuming process, so the Chamber has put together two options to help members create their own contracts quickly and easily. These two options provide guidance to employers and employees on what content to use in the creation of individual full or part time employment agreements.

Remember this information is a starting point for creating a contract that best suits your company needs and we advise that you consult an employment lawyer or HR consultant before finalising your contracts.An option is to visit the Department of Labour’s website and use their ’Employment Agreement Builder’ tool which allows you to tailor a contract literally at the click of a few buttons. The site also provides examples of covering letters to help employers meet the requirements of the Employment Relations Act when offering employment.Click here to go to the Employment Agreement Builder

For further information on this and other employment matters, call the 0800 CHAMBER advice line or visit the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment website click here


What is EEO?

Equal employment opportunities (EEO) means eliminating barriers to ensure that all employees are considered for the employment of their choice and have the chance to perform to their maximum potential. Through EEO and effective diversity management, employers can make the most of New Zealand’s increasingly diverse workforce.

The EEO Trust assists employers in introducing and managing proven EEO thinking and practices, encourages diversity by promoting the recruitment and development of people on the basis of merit and generates awareness of the business benefits and rewards of an inclusive workplace.

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