Media Release: Whangarei to Port Marsden Highway – shortlist route options announced

Whangārei to Port Marsden Highway

The Whangārei to Port Marsden Highway project is an upgraded 22km four-lane corridor that will improve transport connections between Auckland and Whangārei. Waka Kotahi is delivering the project with funding from the New Zealand Upgrade Programme.

Project overview

New Zealand Upgrade Programme
The New Zealand Upgrade Programme is investing $6.8 billion to save lives, get our cities moving and boost productivity in the country’s growth areas. The programme will play a vital role in helping to stimulate the economy and support the country as it recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.
It supports a shift to greater transport choice – with a balanced investment in public transport, roads and walking and cycling.

The Whangārei to Port Marsden Highway upgrade includes:
• Upgrading 22kms of SH1 to four lanes between Whangārei and Port Marsden Highway (SH15), including upgrading the SH1/SH15 intersection
• Two of the four lanes will be for general traffic and we’re investigating the possibility of ‘managed lanes.’ This could include one lane in each direction being prioritised for public transport, freight or multiple occupancy private vehicles
• Separated walking and cycling path between Whangārei and Port Marsden Highway (SH15)
• Alignment with the Safe Network Programme (SNP) to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries within the corridor.

Project scope
The objectives of the Whangārei to Port Marsden Highway project are to:
• Improve safety and resilience to support growth in freight and tourism, as well as providing safer connections for walking and cycling
• Significantly improve safety along the high-risk corridor
• Provide better access for freight traffic between Whangārei and Port Marsden Highway (SH15)
• Provide for inter-regional trips, including tourism travel by improving connectivity between the two growth areas of Whangārei and Ruakaka
• Support public transport in the Whangārei urban area Project objectives

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