Coffee News

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The hardest part of advertising is to get in front of the right audience. We want our ads in front of people with discretionary income; our audience wouldn’t hang out in Lunch bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Take Aways if they hadn’t had that income. They most certainly don’t sit at home on the kitchen table, cutting coupons to get the cheapest deal!

Also, because of increasing fraudulent online activity, more and more people don’t trust a lot of what they see on social media platforms, including stories from big brands and online ads.
With Coffee News you build trust with a key segment of the market; people with disposable income.
An online marketing strategy combined with a printed (tangible) advertising platform will make it easier for local people to trust you, and influence their purchasing decision, online or offline.

It’s a bit like Coca Cola VS Pepsi; recipe wise they are almost identical. But how does one brand makes you feel? And then the other? That difference?? That’s the advertising!
And it kicks in when you’re stood in front of the fridge about to make that purchasing decision…..

The entire advertising strategy is to help whenever a customer hesitates about their purchase!

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