Collab Learning and Development

Phone: (09)
Mobile: 0220 753 469

We deliver training that sticks by helping managers apply essential practical management skills without taking time away from their work. Our powerful active learning process is results focused, highly effective and delivered collaboratively in the the client’s workplace over a year. It achieves sustained change because participants learn by doing. This helps clients achieve their business goals faster. With a time commitment of less than two hours per month, our blended learning programme combines 20 – 30 minutes a month of online content, a 15 minute coaching session with the business leader and a 1 hour collaborative learning session for the participants with our facilitator to reflect on the application of the learning over the past month and to learn from each other’s experiences. Fundamentally different from traditional training models our programmes are very cost-effectiive and available throughout Te Tai Tokerau.

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