Excalibur Leadership

Phone: 0211265637
Mobile: 0211265637
Email: info@excaliburleadershipnz.com
Address: 2343 Waiare Rd, Kaeo
Website: https://www.excaliburleadershipnz.com/

Excalibur Leadership’s mission is to develop resilient, empathetic, trustworthy leaders through education, training, and mentoring. Our motto “leadership by example” empowers leaders to make the right decisions, have tough conversations and take ownership for their actions. We apply field-tested training, tactics, and procedures to help our clients overcome challenges and win.

We are military veterans with proven experience training, building, and leading high-performance teams in dynamic environments. As experts in leadership and resilience, our mission is to train, educate and advise your organisation in building resilient leaders. We provide multi and single-day programmes, on-site customised programmes, web-based training, and consultancy services.

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