Fusion at Work Ltd T/A My Epic Evolution

Phone: 0276322473
Email: jaki@fusiontraining.co.nz
Address: 261 otaika valley road, Whangarei
Website: www.jakigt.com

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been simply described as the science of success and happiness. From decades of studying the world’s best change-agents (e.g. coaches, counsellors, hypnotherapists, psychologists etc), hundreds of short, powerful NLP techniques emerged, that can help you change your thinking and communication, to give you more choices, awareness and greater ability to achieve your goals/vision. Imagine that kind of skill-set & energy unleashed all across your workplace (and beyond)!

One of only a few fully qualified NLP Trainers (IANLP) and coaches in NZ, and with a background in training design & Human Resource Management, Jaki uses her expertise to design & share practical and empowering mindset & well-being programs to equip clients (individuals or businesses) to deal with the sorts of challenges to health & wellness that people face in this covid-19 fatigued world.

Whether delivering my NLP workshops, licensable e-training modules or working 1-to-1, I tailor development solutions to get people out of stuck-and-stagnant-thinking, and beyond anxiety, malaise and burnout; changing their life from the inside – out. When we do, EVERYONE wins!

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