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1 in 3 kiwi employers are crying out for skilled staff

The New Zealand economy is entering its fourth year of growth.

  • Business confidence is high.
  • Unemployment levels have fallen and are expected to fall even further as 2015 progresses.

But in the recent business confidence survey conducted by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce in February more than 30% of respondents indicated they were consistently finding it harder to source the skills their business needs. offers a solution for these employers who need skilled staff who can hit the ground running.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce in partnership with Immigration New Zealand have created “New Kiwis” a recruitment service that connects New Zealand businesses with an international talent pool of skilled workers.

Northland Chamber of Commerce CEO Tony Collins commented that difficulties finding staff with the right skills is a serious issue for business with the potential to slow our economy.

“On the job training is one thing but we are being told by businesses that they need skilled staff now. Without the staff they need they are finding it hard to service their existing clients let alone remain commercially competitive so we need to find new ways to help employers find the skilled staff they need to do business”

Through businesses can connect with candidates who can bring their expertise and world view and experience into play for the benefit of our economy immediately.

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