Whangārei Map & Guide 2024

2024 Whangārei Map and Guide | Promote local – Support local!

Our goal is to create a Map and Guide to Whangārei filled with exciting offers that encourage the wider Northland community and visitors to the region to explore our city.

FAQ about the Whangārei Map and Guide

What will the map look like? A hard copy, full colour, environmentally friendly A1 foldout Map and Guide showcasing special offers from local businesses.

How will it be distributed? 10,000 printed copies of the Map and Guide will be shared through the NorthChamber business network including i-SITES in Northland, key visitor locations and through public spaces such as local libraries, co-working spaces, and at events.

The 2024 Map and Guide is also available here Map & Guide 2024. There will be ongoing active social media to boost viewing and uptake, and we will work in with our community partners to share across their networks too.

Who uses the map?

  • Tourists and visitors to the region
  • Chamber members and their families
  • Tourism Operators and Information Centre’s
  • Event organisers

Why use the map in the age of Google?

  • It doesn’t go flat and need charging.
  • Doesn’t die if it gets wet!
  • Easy to read, you don’t ‘lose’ yourself when scrolling to view street names.
  • It’s a great way to keep the kids busy in the car. “Are we there yet?”
  • Some demographics like to have a bit of paper to refer to.

When will the 2024 Map be available?

The map has been printed and will be delivered to advertisers and Chamber members in early December.

How much it is to advertise?

TypeMember PriceNon-Member Price
Standard listing$215 + GST$285 + GST
Display Advert - 94mm x 30mm - (includes QR Code linked to dedicated Chamber website)$320 + GST$440 + GST
Logo or Icon (Limit of 5)$265 + GST
Standard listing AND display advert $499 + GST$685 + GST
Standard listing AND Icon or Logo $454 + GST
Full Page (limit 1)$950 + GST

Bookings for 2025 are now open. Contact  info@northchamber.co.nz Ph: 09 438 4771 to discuss your advertising requirements or Book here.

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