The case for a business mentor has never been stronger…

I was in town earlier today and I am pretty sure it ‘twitched’. As you would expect retail outlets were largely closed, except those that could meet safe operating criteria, such as car mechanics etc. Some coffee houses were serving take away product, which was being greedily sucked up by thirsty coffee starved members of the community. Traffic was brisk, but car parks were largely empty.

At last some schools were operating, to the huge relief of exhausted parents and caregivers. Returning to work is for most a welcome relief to both the mind and for business owners the bank balance. Many businesses are only now starting to get a reasonable picture as to what the next few months and the balance of the year will look like and it’s fair to say many business plans will need some amendments to meet the needs of the business and the realities of what lies ahead.

NorthChamber is the sole service partner of Business Mentors NZ (here in the North) and it is this service that has helped numerous local business to chart a course through changing times. Have no doubt that your business will benefit from the addition of a mentor through this program; there is no point in trying to create solutions alone, when there are experienced local business leaders ready and able to stand beside you in the challenges ahead. Talk to us at NorthChamber.

For those of you with time to invest in others, talk to us about becoming one of Northlands valued business mentors, it is hugely rewarding and a chance to grow as a member of our community.

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