‘When news gets scary look for the helpers’

Hello there, I am Paulette, a new addition to the team and my role is Community Relationship Manager.

One week into our Level 4 Lockdown and there is no question that business is hurting and these are trying times. Our world has changed and we are bombarded with news, updates, advice and constantly changing regulations. It is full on! But I want to bring us back for a moment to the good news – the helpers in our community.

A number of businesses and individuals have reached out with offers of support, so please read our member to member offers. Our partners at BMNZ have waived the signup fee for the Business Mentors programme and our regional partners at Northland Inc have ramped up their support resources .  We’ll continue to seek out and share offers of support and valid resources to members and the wider business community. These will be posted to our dedicated Covid-19 webpage, our Facebook page or may come out in dedicated emails.

Thank you to all the helpers, those who have offered B2B support, mentoring, waived costs, volunteered and stepped up. We appreciate you. We know the way through this is by coming together, with our ideas, resources, innovation and skills, at a time when it feel like we can’t do much, we can all help.

You should hear from some of our team over the next few weeks, as we endeavour to call all our members to check in. Remember, if you need help please ask for it, and if you are doing okay, maybe ask who you can help. Until next time take care.

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