A strong arm (and perhaps a hard head) for Northland

A strong arm (and perhaps a hard head) for Northland

Chamber media release 6.11.19

NorthChamber has for more than 116 years been a voice for Northland business and we have had a share of success along the way, but its time to raise the stakes and provide our business community with a much more assertive and difficult to ignore advocacy platform, through which the North can convert its long-held potential into some ‘bricks and mortar’ and at the same time transformational projects.

New Zealand is under the impression that we are getting the ‘lion’s share’ of funding initiatives such as the PGF, this is not, of course, the case. As much as we are grateful for the efforts of Minister Jones and his team, the North is well behind where it should be, to take its place as a greater contributor to GDP and other measures of success, not all of them related to money.

At NorthChamber, we are committed to raising the bar on community wealth, leading with the establishment of a truly vital business community.

Here are our four principal areas of service delivery, our Pohe:


We take positions, strongly and publicly, on initiatives that support regional business

Ease of Business:

Proactively breaking down barriers to business

Networking and Events:

Hosting of regular and well-structured networking and key business calendar events

Leadership Development:

Driving specific actions that develop leadership capability and capacity in the Northland business community


NorthChamber also takes strong positions for and often within projects such as:

The Riverside Hotel and Events Centre

Marsden Waste Gasification Plant

The Auckland to Northland (not Whangarei) corridor


Add your voice to the to those of our leading Northland business leaders,

Join us at www.northchamber.co.nz

And together let’s make more than just a little noise, let’s get total commitment to the infrastructure and business environment that can turn potential into real actions!!


Steve Smith



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