Health & Safety

Work-related health is about the impact work can have on people’s health. In the past, we’ve called it occupational health.

While work can be good for health, and health can be good for work, workers can become unwell or develop poor health from their work environment.

Every week an estimated 15 people die from work-related diseases. In fact, a worker is ten times more likely to die from a work-related disease than from a workplace accident.

Every year, tens of thousands of people develop serious health conditions because of the health risks associated with their work. The burden on workers, their families and the wider economy from work-related ill-health far outweighs the burden from work-related injuries.

WorkSafe’s Strategic Plan for Work-related Health “Healthy Work” outlines our plan for a New Zealand where, ultimately, fewer people experience work-related ill-health. The plan explains the high-level direction and approach we will take, our activities and the outcomes needed by 2026 to achieve our vision: Everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe.

For access to a full range of publications on approved codes of practice and guidelines go to the WorkSafe New Zealand or contact WorkSafe on 0800 030 040

Health and Safety video link below is a great tool.

The link has 5 short 1 minute topics, with commentary from experts including Worksafe NZ, and two prominent Employment Law Partners, who collectively formed our HS Seminar Expert panel.

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