Renovation Warehouse (Formerly Demolition Supermarket)

Phone: 09 438 2887
Address: 28 Kioreroa Road, Whangarei

Demolition is out – Renovation is in

Demolition Supermarket at 28 Kioreroa Rd has changed its name to Renovation Warehouse. It’s still in the same place, with the same knowledgeable people offering the same excellent service, but the name has changed name to reflect better what we do.

Our business changed over the years from relocating houses, to demolishing homes and supplying second-hand building materials, to becoming specialists in both new and used building and DIY home renovation components. Renovation Warehouse is today the proud supplier of the largest range of new and used building products in Northland.

Some of our customers couldn’t see on to our top shelves, and others had difficulty parking so we realised it was time to do some renovations of our own.  Our customers helped us out by telling us what they needed, such as better signage, lower shelves, easier parking, but we realised they weren’t coming to us for demolition products anymore. Now our customers primarily want renovation materials, so we changed our name.

No more Demolition Supermarket – now we’re Renovation Warehouse. Pop in and have a look. Chat to Richard, Doug, Peter or Chrissie. If we haven’t got it, we’ll know where to send you.

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