The Mindful Coach

Phone: (021) 02538970
Mobile: (021) 02538970

I am a trained, qualified and registered Mindfulness Educator, Facilitator and presenter with the Mindfulness Institute of Australasia, affiliated with UMASS Medical School for Mindfulness in the US. Also a qualified Life Coach with NZ Life Coaching.

I deliver 8 week (the full MBSR evidenced based program) and 4 week courses, half day in work trainings, workshops, retreats and 1:1 mindfulness coaching. Online Coaching available.
The MBSR course is considered the gold standard in Mindfulness training globally. I am the only qualified educator presently in Northland, NZ.

Benefits of Mindfulness training include –
– Enhanced focus and attention.
– Improved decision-making ability and agility.
– Increased self-awareness and awareness of others.
– Higher levels of resilience and emotional intelligence.
– Strengthened cognitive effectiveness.
– Improved performance and self-leadership.
– Increase attention to achieve goals and increase productivity.
– Enhanced motivation and self-efficacy.
– Clear thinking, discerning decision making and effective two way communication.
– Heightened ability to manage and prevent stress.
– Greater creativity.
– Overall improved wellbeing.

I’m available to work Northland wide. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Mindful Coach

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