Whangarei, its fun to remember the past, its important to live in the present; but what do we want for the future and how can Council play its part?

Chamber media release 4.9.19

In general:

Councillor’s need a better understanding of general business and its relevance to the community as a whole.

Each Councillor needs to be a Champion for the region, rather than a passive ‘group member’ taking up space.


Specific to Commerce and Industry:

Prepared to be part of a movement that will see business growth and accelerated rates of new business establishment; facilitate ease of business, a fairer approach to rating, zoning, consents and other unnecessary barriers.

The prioritisation of key infrastructure vital to economic wellbeing.

The release of strategic land holdings key to growth.

Adherence to a culture of can do.

Steve Smith 

CE NorthChamber


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