I underwent minor elective surgery recently, nothing too serious but enough to incapacitate me and seriously reduce my mobility and independence for a reasonable period of time.  The experience provided me with a reminder of a number of things many of us take for granted.  Firstly, how blessed we are to have first class facilities, surgeons, specialist and nurses within the region that mean we have access to the appropriate care, wherever practical in our home district.  This accompanied by the amazing work done by NEST provide one of those key ingredients when seeking a place to live.  I imagine there is also an opportunity to grow and market the elective surgery element beyond our district borders as I am sure recuperating in Whangarei would have many advantages over some or our more congested neighbours.


Then there is the fact that for many business people, even in times of incapacitation, illness or other stuff that life throws at them work must still go on.  Possibly not to the same extent but some things still need to be done.  This where things like UFB, improved business systems and a generally more technically capable work force means life does not need to be as disruptive as it once was.  I am not sure if this is a good thing but unfortunately many people do not have the luxury of putting everything on hold until they are fit and well.  It also highlights that perhaps every business no matter how small should plan for contingencies when things go wrong.


Finally, I always read Jonny Wilkinson from Tiaho Trust’s articles not only because they are entertaining and well written but because the message contained provides a unique insight from the perspective of another part of our diverse community on the day-to-day challenges they face.  While not claiming my situation was in anyway comparable to what many in the community have to endure every day of their life, this gave me incredibly small taste of some of the challenges faced by those among us who are less mobile.  It is a reminder that we live in a very diverse community and the entire community has the ability to be part of a business’s potential market.  Business for their part need to acknowledge this, make sure that they are easy to do business with and that they are accessible to as wide a market as possible.



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