Colourful businesses celebrate FIFA U-20!

Colourful businesses celebrate FIFA U-20!

Colourful businesses celebrate FIFA U-20 World Cup


Getting in the colourful FIFA U-20 groove at the Ticketek office at the Forum North Performance Conference & Expo Centre are (from left) Venues Administrator  Pat Amson, Venues and events coordinator Elly Girbin and Booking Assistant Dena Fisher.

Whangarei’s businesses are competing colouring up to welcome celebrating the FIFA U-20 teams and visitors to the city.


“Businesses will be filling their shop fronts and windows with FIFA colours to add to the colourful, happy, party vibe of the games – and those who do it really well will be up for two $500 prizes,” said WDC Economic Development Manager Pete Gleeson.


“One prize will be for businesses with shop fronts or windows visible at street level and the other one will be for businesses who may be a bit tucked away. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance.


“All you have to do is register with and start splashing out with the colour,” he said.


Registered businesses can also post photos of their FIFA inspired window displays or businesses on the Council facebook page The competition runs from 25 May to 11 June.


“To get the (foot)ball rolling, a couple of people with registration forms and balloons, flags and bunting (to buy) will be visiting businesses around town.


“Mystery judges will visit each registered business and decide who wins the $500 prize.”


Mr Gleeson said the window dressing competition came out of a group set up by Council and LOC Sales and Marketing Manager, Mel Miller, to discuss ways to get the best out of the tournament for Whangarei’s retailers and hospitality providers.

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