Future Accounting Limited

Phone: 027 699 5522
Mobile: 027 699 5522
Email: jeff@futureca.co.nz
Website: www.futureca.co.nz

We believe as a business owner you need access to financial information that has been reviewed by a professional more than annually.

We therefore review our clients financial information every GST period. This review ensures:
– Most (if not all) coding is correct (whether this is done by yourself or us)
– Fixed assets are accounted for correctly (this can have a massive difference if you are purchasing or selling big ticket items)
– Loans are up to date and balancing
– If your year is looking better than last year, we can advise this and look to mitigate tax consequences
– Conversely, if you year is looking worse than last year, we can look at the tax consequences of this too.

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