Operating a business in Northland is a worthwhile pursuit with many benefits.  At the same time there are challenges for local businesses being exposed to the kind of thought leadership that can help them, innovate, grow and be successful.  Our geographic location accompanied by the profile and scale of many our regional businesses means that the opportunity to attend conferences that are normally available to business in a metropolitan area do not exist either due to direct financial costs incurred in travel and accommodation or in time away from their businesses or through not being engaged with an industry body that undertakes conferences.

Even in these days of social media, online presence and Ted Talks there is still a place for a face-to-face networking event with like-minded people that is relevant to business, the attendees and has speakers that you can learn from with real life stories.

Based on feedback from our membership base and the wider Northland business community it has been identified that there is a need for a business focussed event of a similar nature to a conference where local business people can exchange ideas and be exposed to fresh thinking.  With the help of various partners, we intend to hold an event at Forum North Whangarei on May 25 2018.

It will be single day event consisting of 4-5 speakers delivering messages of elements key to today’s business people.  At the conclusion of the speaking sessions there would be a full panel discussion of all speakers with opportunity for audience participation and supported by a high-quality master of ceremonies.  The day would be fully catered with lunch and refreshment breaks and would culminate with a networking event at the conclusion of the speaking day.   

The purpose    –    of this event is to:

  • inspire business success through understanding best practice
  • strengthening inter and intra-business relationships
  • provide an opportunity to focus on business on their core strengths and competitive advantage.
  • network with other Northland business leaders and professionals.
  • examine those components integral to future business success.

The audience   –     Northland business people from all backgrounds but specifically targeting those who do not traditionally have the ability to attend existing conference style events outside of Northland.  This would include management from larger companies, support services such as banking, legal, accounting and local and central government agencies operating in Northland.

The speakers  –      will be of a high standard not only expert in their field but expert in the ability to delivery key messages.   The objective is that each will have the ability to inspire the audience, give them concepts that challenge them and provide opportunity to take away and use in their day-to-day businesses and are people that they would not normally have the opportunity to engage with.

Price to be confirmed – tentatively as follows
General admission – $140+GST
Chamber member discounted – $120+GST
Group discount by negotiation

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