Westpac offer to Chamber members

Westpac has developed a range of preferential merchant and terminal deals in partnership with your local Chamber of Commerce. These special deals are aimed at giving you the best value across your merchant and EFTPOS
terminal business.

Westpac EFTPOS & Merchant Solutions
1. You could benefit from cheaper credit card processing

  •  1.85% Face to Face Electronic Credit Card Transactions if the average transaction value is from $0-$150
  •  1.55% Face to Face Electronic Credit Card Transactions if the average transaction value is greater than $150
  •  Preferential rates to process manual Zip Zap voucher, mail, telephone, or e-commerce based transactions

* Establishment fee & minimum monthly service charges apply
To find out how you could start enjoying these special deals just call our specialist team on 0800 888 066 (option 3), or
email merchant_sales@westpac.co.nz

Things you should know: These special offers are available only to members of the Chamber of Commerce. Please refer to the relevant brochures or the Westpac website for detailed information on each Westpac product or service mentioned. Westpac Merchant terms and conditions apply. Availability of any product or facility is subject to meeting applicable Westpac criteria and approval process applicable at the time of application. Other service prices may apply. The information in this material and the terms and the conditions and charges for products and services stated may vary from time to time. Westpac New Zealand Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141.
2. Choose Westpac’s premium EFTPOSPlus service to include the latest compliant and fully maintained EFTPOS
terminals at competitive prices from New Zealand’s leading EFTPOS terminal suppliers. Westpac can provide the
convenience of one relationship and bundle your merchant service facility, EFTPOS terminal lease, Paymark EFTPOS
Network fee, and paper supply. The Westpac EFTPOSPlus service provides the convenience of single billing for all
these services with the added safety and security of Westpac with a 24hr dedicated EFTPOSPlus helpdesk.

Westpac offer to Chamber Members

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